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Rose oil Advanced Orders 2019

The Bulgarian OrganiRose Plc and Biogenic Stimulants Inc Advanced orders Program!

Rose oil tradition

Rose oil is one of the most exquisite fragrances Earth has ever emanated. We have evolved it in an art of aroma and a beauty of sensation.

Genuine Bulgarian Rose oil by the Bulgarian OrganiRose Plc.

Advanced contracts for rose oil

Ultimate quality guaranteed. You have a better offer? We will beat it.

Rosa Damascena: Conventional

Rose essential oil (Rosa Damascena) conventional advanced orders deposit per 250 grams (0.551 lbs) / #12532 / (Gathering months: 5-6)

Rosa Damascena: Conventional

Rose (Rosa damascena) essential oil conventional advanced order deposit per 1 kilogram (2.204 lbs) # 12512 / (Gathering months: 5-6)

Rosa Damascena: Organic

Rose (Rosa damascena) essential oil organic advanced order deposit per 1 kilogram (2.204 lbs) # 12612 / (Gathering months: 5-6)